Nate Green

The easiest thing to do.


The easiest thing to do is to let your mind wander instead of being in the moment.

To check email or Facebook or Instagram instead of creating something.

To wait for your turn to talk instead of listening to what’s being said.

To sleep in instead of starting your day.

To get caught up in gossip or drama or who said what instead of asking yourself why it matters.

To stay still instead of moving.

To do the same stuff everyone else is doing instead of trying something new.

To find fault instead of value.

To wait for someone to text or call or invite you instead of contacting them yourself.

To think about the past and what should have happened instead of what’s going on now and what could happen.

To say no instead of yes.

The easiest thing to do is the thing you’ve always done.

It’s the thing you’ve habituated, the thing that’s waiting for you, the thing that makes you feel safe and OK.

The hardest thing to do? Recognizing when you’re doing the easy thing.

And then doing the opposite.


What I’m currently enjoying: Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.