Nate Green

We think we need more

More skills before starting a business. More clothes to reinvent our wardrobes.  More Twitter followers. More money.  More attention from the world.

But do me a favor: before you get more food from the grocery store,  go take a look in your fridge.

What’s in there?

Half an avocado that’s turning brown? A couple eggs? An apple?

That’s your dinner.

With a little love and attention, the stuff you were going to trash tomorrow can be a nourishing meal now.

You didn’t need more. You had enough already.

This isn’t about kids starving in Africa or food waste or whatever else.

It’s about recognizing what you have and putting that to good use before trying to get more.

It’s about learning to be resourceful and creative. Because those are qualities that extend far beyond making an omelet.

Those are life skills.

So here’s some advice for you that’s really advice for me:

When you feel the need for more, stop and do an inventory of what you have already.

Maybe it’s enough.