Nate Green

Non-poems and pseudo-koans.

Sometimes I write things that really don’t belong anywhere. Here are some random non-poems and pseudo-koans from my notebook.

Oh, you think you 
figured it out?

The wind laughs
through your face, 

a fish breaks 
the water.

I boarded a plane 
and traveled




only to arrive 
in the exact same place 
I started. 

Strap a GoPro camera to the center of your chest. 

Drop down and live from there. 

Your only job 
is to let life 
keep on 

(For Michael DeSanti)

Parts of me
are always looking 
for projects.

And they’re almost
high stakes, with
low reward.

(For Loch Kelly)

I find myself
in a freefall

no parachute
no place to land.

(For Chogyam Trungpa)

Lying in bed
draped as darkness.
The glow of the phone
suspended in space
points to no one. 
Where is your heartbeat?

I used to be somebody. 

I lost him somewhere
between the waves
and the sky.

he’s still 
out there

floating on his back,

the raindrops
kiss the salt water.