Nate Green

I don’t have a fancy name or gimmick for this newsletter. (But you should still consider joining it.)

You’ve heard the others: 5-Bullet Friday. 3-2-1 Thursday. Stupendous Saturday. (OK, I made that one up.)

I don’t have a fancy name for my newsletter and I don’t have a weekly schedule I stick to.

Instead, I share short articles on a variety of topics—from meditation, health, and fitness to practical philosophy and more—whenever I get around to it.

Sometimes you’ll hear from me every week. Sometimes I’ll drop off the radar for 3 months and you’ll be like, “What the hell? Where did he go?” And then: BAM! Right back in your inbox.

A few thousand people read my newsletter and seem to enjoy it. I’d love if you read it, too.

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^^^ What he said.