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Why I Don’t Have Comments

3 reasons why.

1. I’m impulsive and need to eliminate as many potential distractions as possible.

For the same reasons I don’t email or social media on my phone, I chose not to to have comments to go along with this blog.  I’m simply too impulsive.

If I know there’s something I need to check in on frequently — even something as potentially beneficial and community-building as comments — it will consume my brain and I’ll find it very difficult to focus on anything else.

And since I work from home as part of a remote company, I need all the focus I can get.

By removing one more thing to check in on I’ve eliminated the need and the temptation, giving me more brain space to focus on writing, self-development, and spending time with friends and family.

2. I have nothing to sell.

I want this blog to be a place where I can write about stuff I’m learning or things I’m thinking about.  And I want it to be fun. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it. (Again, self-awareness.)

If I had to worry about how much traffic came in or how many people bought Product X, this wouldn’t be fun for me any longer. It would be a business.

And since I already make a great living working with the fantastic team at Precision Nutrition, I don’t have any desire or need to generate money from a side business.

3. I have a Twitter account and want conversation to happen there.

Follow me on Twitter.

And if you want to post your thoughts about a particular article or connect with me, I’d love to answer your questions there.


Bonus question: “Where’s all your old content?”

I’ve been running this blog in some form or another for the past 6 years. If this isn’t your first time visiting, you may be wondering just where the hell all the old stuff went.

My old articles are still here; I’ve simply chosen to archive them. They’ll show up if you search in Google or if you use the search bar on the NGE home page.

Why did I archive the old stuff?

I feel like I’ve grown a lot personally and professionally in the past few years and I want to showcase the stuff I’m learning or thinking about now. That pretty much wraps it up.

Thanks for reading!