Nate Green

You are not alone.

When I wrote “I’m a recovering fitness junkie”, I received a bunch of likes, comments, and retweets. That made me feel good, since it seemed like a lot of people related to it.

But what interested me more were the emails I received. Private ones.

They were from people who didn’t want anyone else to know that the article resonated with them. People with businesses, egos, jobs, and possibly friendships on the line.

They couldn’t afford to “go public” with their opinion.

One person wrote:

“I didn’t want to post this on Facebook since all my friends and fans would see it. The truth is, I’ve been feeling similar to you for a long time. I thought I was the only one.”

Reading these emails and seeing the hurt, fear, and possibility contained in them was a good reminder for me:

Whatever we’re feeling right now—whatever we’re worried about, scared of, and trying to bury deep down—at least one other person is feeling the exact same way.

Same goes for what we’re excited about.

So even if it feels like you’re the only person in the world who deals with X, that no one else will understand or care, trust me on this:

You are not alone.